Assisting Water Well Contractors

In2Wells has years of experience in the water well drilling and pump installing business. Gary has been the Qualifying Party on the contracting and well drilling license of both large and small companies. He often assists water well contractors evaluating requests for bids, estimating project costs, providing geologic logging of drill cuttings and interpretation of geologic and geophysical data and borehole logs.

Assisting water-well contractors

In2Wells can offer well drilling contractors their services conducting well development and pumping tests utilizing his data loggers to collect and record water level and pump performance data. Their on-site records and photographs document well performance and provide baseline data for the well owner. These services can also be provided for evaluating existing well and making recommendations for well rehabilitation or repairs.

Gary has authored published articles and presented numerous workshops on subjects related to well and pump business operations. He has assisted other well drillers with issues such as: personnel motivation, employee training, safety standards, business economics, and developing new markets. Gary has also helped to defend well drillers and pump installers in contract disputes and in court.

Services include:

  • Conducting well and aquifer tests
  • Conducting aquifer and pumping tests
  • Describing and interpreting drill cuttings
  • Monitoring and assisting drilling projects

AZ1810 Shared Water Wells in AZ

AZ1810 Shared Water Wells in AZ

eBook – Domestic Water Wells in Arizona

eBook – Domestic Water Wells in Arizona

This is where you find the answers to your questions about domestic water wells.

Arizona Well Owner’s Guide

Arizona Well Owner's Guide

Arizona Well Owner's Guide to Water Supply
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