Useful Water Well Forms

Forms listed below can be printed out and used for the tasks described.

ADWR form 55-40

Notice of Intent to drill a new or replacement Exempt well in the Tucson area. This form is used to apply for permission from the ADWR to drill an Exempt water well inside an Active Management Area like the Tucson AMA.

ADWR form 55-56

55-56 Pump Installation Completion Report. This form is required to be filed with the ADWR by Statute (ARS §45-600) by the land owner within thirty (30) days of the installation of the pumping equipment.  It contains the information of most value to a Buyer and the most difficult information to obtain if it is not on file.

ADWR form 55-65

Late Registration of a newly discovered well. This form is used to Register a well with the ADWR that is not now in their record data base.

ADWR form 55-71A

Change of Well Information, Owner, Driller, or data. This form is used to Change the designated well driller of a well that has not yet been drilled, or to change the name of the Registered well owner in their data base, or to provide the ADWR with some additional information or correct an error.

ADWR form 55-73

Third Party Change of Registered Owner Authorization (to be used with 55-71A in lieu of landowner signature on 55-71A.)

Instructions on how to complete these and other water well forms can be found on the ADWR web site.

Why Choose In2Wells

Why Choose In2Wells

eBook – Domestic Water Wells in Arizona

eBook – Domestic Water Wells in Arizona

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Arizona Well Owner's Guide

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