Gary Hix, the owner of In2Wells, now lives in Arizona and consults private well owners, lawyers, realtors, and well drilling pump installing companies.

About Gary Hix

Gary Hix has worked in the groundwater industry for over 40 years. He is the owner of In2Wells and now spends his time in Arizona, occasionally consulting to private well owners, lawyers, realtors and well drilling pump installing businesses. For many years Gary was actively involved with the National Groundwater Association, where he was a Contributing Editor to their Water Well Journal magazine, a frequent workshop instructor and nominated as the Groundwater Foundations’ McEllhiney Distinguished Lecturer for 2019.

His years of experience in many different areas surrounding water wells, well drilling, pump installing, real estate transactions of properties with wells, shared water wells, construction defects and environmental issues has prepared him for him to provide expert witness services when needed.

His full Resume’ can be found by clicking here, and he can be reached by clicking the contact button.

Ebooks and PDF's

Domestic Water Wells in Arizona

Shared Water Wells in Arizona: A Guide Book for Well Managers

Groundwater Sharing Contracts: Formerly Called: Well Share Agreements

Arizona Well Owner's Guide

AZ-1810 Shared Water Wells in AZ

AZ-1832 U of A Bulletin

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